Burnwal Girl Saved, Love Jihad Failed

Titu Shadowson 

Asansol News

Asansol; February 14, 2012

M Burnwal in the middle, and two of her saved friends.faces blurred on request.

Most of the people find the concept of love jihad to be just some propaganda by the so-called Hindu extremists, so did M Burnwal (name not fully disclosed on request), an under secondary student of the Burnpur Riverside School, one of the top English medium schools in Asansol. She used to think that the love jihad is nonexistent and the only difference of it with the conventional love is that it’s an interfaith affair. But she was wrong, she never gave it any importance to know about the nationwide campaign to convert the non-muslim women into Islam carried out by the hardcore communal muslims. She never knew that love jihad’s mission is to exploit the Hindu girls on any means. Before the day she faced the real face of her boyfriend, she pretended to be a hardcore secular.

Mobashir Alam, one of her classmate who always taught his sister not to keep contact with any Hindu boy, was the first one to flirt with the Hindu girls. He probably thought that this is the only mission of his life. Alam never though obstructed his sister to befriend with any Hindu girl, who later would become his own friend, and gradually a girlfriend. He had the same strategy that all love jihadists have, to exploit her; and if she becomes pregnant and wants to marry, marry her and look for another one as he has 4 legal choices( that many don’t know) and dump and divorce her whenever he wants.

But how on earth would M know this? She was blind in love. She found it as innocent as love between her friends Shubhendu and Geetika.

M happened to be the dream girl of another muslim boy who was a classmate of Mossad 897’s cousin who passed out from the same school. The cousin then met the second lover at a social networking site Facebook.Com where he revealed to her his secret love. The cousin was aware of the concept of love jihad and passed the information to Mossad 897. Mossad had no interest in love jihad and all but because of these things the muslim boys call them impotent and he wanted to teach the buggers that buggery wasn’t invented by muslims, it existed long ago Mohammed started bugging around.

"Mossad 897" as known among the nationalists in Asansol, constantly hated by muslims

897 passed on the information to all the sources to track down the Burnwal girl and he found her out. Right here ends his duty, the girl is not his own sister or girlfriend or gonna-be wife. So he had no need to make her realize her fault. Who the hell he is anyway? So he informed her uncle V Bunrwal at his phone number 97#2064##4 and warned him to be soft and not rude to her in which case she might react negatively. There may be innocence in the girl who can’t recognize the lust of the boy. Her uncle wanted to know how can he catch her red-handed?

Burnpur Riverside School, in these missionary schools muslims find their soft targets

Simple, if she has got a boyfriend and a mobile phone she might have got some love SMS in her inbox and she deletes it then check her contact details. What if she named her boyfriend in a cryptic manner? Check for the call details suddenly and rely on the long duration calls. She can’t cheat through such huge firewalls.

It happened and when the family members were unable to make her realize, because to her it appeared that her parents became only extra careful in fear; Mossad 897 was called in. he only said to her, “if he really has pure love and going to marry you run by love only, then in no way will he force you to do something you may feel comfortable.”

M started realizing some facts and probably started introspective that could not remain hidden from the observations of Mobashir Alam.  He could realize that something happened and she is not as close to her as before. He made a mistake in hurry. He thought that before she actually leaves, he has to do what he wants to do anyway. He offered her a hangout in Nehru Park in Burnpur area that is called lovers point in moderate language and paradise of dogs and bitches in real language. The words of Mossad started echoing in her ears, “whats the hurry?”

Nehru Park also famous as La-Miars Park, where in jungles lusty men exploit girls that later ruins the lives of them

So are all the things told by them real? Love jihad is not a silly propaganda!!!

She came back to her parents luckily without being touched. 3 of her friends who also were trapped by love jihadists also abandoned the dogs.  Now she is happy but made the life of Mossad a hell. The entire community of love jihadists in Asansol is searching like sniffer dogs, WHO IS MOSSAD 897?????

When Mossad was asked to run a campaign to save girls from love jihad, he refused since he felt that it’s the duty of the parents and relatives of such girls. but if these things come to insult him, he will not stand stuffing hands together, he promised his friends. if all the people keep and eye on their children and have a friendly behavior and understanding without being watery, there will be no need for these campaigns that seem to some people as fundamentalism. 


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