Islamic Drama And Propaganda On Malala and Sandy Proved Islamists Can Make A Bullshit Sound Intellectual

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Covert Wires

November 25, 2012; Peshawar, KPK:

Before joining Asansol News I was an enthusiast reader of this news and analysis portal and the statement I liked in this site the most was, “A Mullah can make a bullshit sound intellectual”. Under the nose of the educated people, the Mullahs in Pakistan; all types of Mullahs like religious Mullahs, political Mullahs, rational Mullahs, irrational Mullahs, nationalist Mullahs, cosmopolitan Mullahs, TV Mullahs, FM Mullahs, Facebook Mullahs; all possible Mullahs are busy in showing their own bit of innovation in case of Malala and Sandy issue.

Islamists said that no attack happened on Malala

Last time in my report I exposed how a major portion of the Pakistani mass tried to portray that it was not the Taliban but a covert CIA operative that attacked Malala, this time I am going to bring to you a different propaganda that will strengthen my claims on having undisputable matches between 9/11 propaganda and Malala propaganda. A major portion of the Islamic world believe that the 9/11 was a handiwork of the CIA-Mossad false flag operatives, the other sect believe that 9/11 was inexistent and it was just the handiwork of special visual effects (don’t believe? Then try searching “9/11 is a lie” in YouTube). Following the same tradition now the new propaganda on Malala is that “Attack on Malala was a drama and actually none attacked Malala and she is totally safe.” You all know that this Islamic propaganda is bullshit, but after you take a glance on the evidences, for a moment you will certainly certify this theory to be intellectual.
Under this propaganda mainly two pictures are being circulated to prove the bullshit. In one of them there are two pictures of Malala, one having bandage on the forehead and the other with a bare forehead where there is no sign of any injury. Now the great Islamist logic is that if there was an injury for which there was a bandage, then where is that injury or its traces after it was removed? Has it been healed so rapidly? It means there was no injury at all and the bandage on that part is a drama. And since the bandage is a drama, the attack on her is a drama too. Really, a Mullah can make a bullshit sound intellectual.
But the Mullahs need for a moment to put aside his Islamic sense and use his common sense for a while. Consider the approximate circle whose small arch is the forehead. If any injury occurs at any part of that circle, the whole circle will be bandaged. So when the bandage is seen at the forehead, it doesn’t mean that the injury is only at the forehead, it can be at the side of head too. For tying purpose the bandage might have been passed over forehead. Even as we have a small cut at our hands, we don’t cut our band-aid to fit only that cut. By the way, the same bandage could be seen at the backside of her head too. Then why the Mullah didn’t try to find out the injury at the back? Because this inquiry doesn’t serve their purpose or promote their cause?
In another picture projected by Mullahs we see: A group of Pakistani commandos picking an injured body lying on a stretcher to the military chopper with help of locals clad in salwar-kameez and a man and a girl in pink salwar-suit rushing towards to the chopper. In this photo the girl in pink dress has been claimed to be Malala whose face was hidden behind the man (claimed to be her father) as they were running. In another picture injured Malala’s legs extended outside the white sheet covering her can be seen. She wore a pink salwar. So the bottom-line of the story is that since Malala was running and the Pakistani army was picking another injured body, it was all a drama.
Well, in that case I must say that Pakistani Army is a terrible performer. Well,

Islamists said that no attack happened on Malala

the Mullah could add one more theory to this story, that the soldiers in green were not actually Pakistani Army but CIA false flag operatives in Pakistani camouflage and the chopper was an American one pretending to be a Pakistani. This would probably save the ass of Pakistani prestige, Pakistani Army in this case may be said to be acting as CIA stooge. Isn’t it?
Now since I keep miles of distance from Mullahs, I lack little sense and by the vice of which I am confused with a few questions:
? Why the image of Malala running with her father so blurry? Couldn’t the photographer take a clear picture of that running girl or he didn’t deliberately take? So that people can’t be made confused with the color of Malala and the running girl’s claddings?
? If a match between the dresses is not a kangaroo-court point, then sorry to say, even the Mullah has numerous fathers, one of whom is Malala’s father too, since there are lot people in Pakistan wearing the same colored Salwar-Kameez.
? If all this was a drama, then where was the need to pick the stretcher to chopper and then wait for the running Malala. They could make Malala lie on the stretcher and then get them clicked in photogenic appearance. But still they tried to make an amateur Pakistani film, hats off to the Pakistani Army.
Now do anyone have any doubt that “A Mullah can make a bullshit sound intellectual?” But remember, these bullshits are certified as intellectuals only among the Mullahs whose society and clan is the fastest growing in the global demography, but in case of birth rate.
After successfully cultivating the manmade issue of Malala the Mullahs are also cultivating another God-gifted issue of Sandy that stormed America. Mullahs across the globe are saying that this storm was a natural expression of Allah’s wrath on the controversial film “Innocence of Muslims” by the Jewish-American film maker Sam Bacil. This revelation was received by a Saudi Mullah in Arab and then Mullahs from other regions like Pakistan, India (remember Zakir Naik?) revealed it to mankind in copycat format. Don’t the Mullah deserve to get a blasphemy charge on them? Describing the nasty storm to the wrath of almighty (by whatever name you call them) is a gross insult to Him. Why the Almighty stormed America? Because He was insulted from American soil! In either case, it was only innocent people who had nothing to do with the film, who hadn’t even watched the film, died of the storm. What did happen to Sam Bacil, the “actual culprit”? He is probably making another film, this time probably named “Stupidity of Muslims”. Isn’t it a insult on the capabilities of the supreme almighty? Secondly, the Supreme Almighty (by whatever name you call Him) has been indirectly charged with selfishness. He didn’t feel anger when a few apparently innocent people died as a part of the collateral damage of the “Hellfire” missile strikes by American drones on Pakistani soil, but He felt anger when He was insulted. It really insults His chastity.
Well, the Mullah has an explanation for this too. Last year when a devastating flood almost destroyed Pakistan, no Muslim organization came to help the government who are generally forefront to promote jihadist terrorism (they have money to purchase weapons of mass destruction but not to purchase foods for mass distribution), instead they said that it was the wrath of Allah against the American invasion in Af-Pak region. Strange, in that case Taliban is describing Allah to be a CIA-Mossad agent; because it was the CIA-Mossad who are harming Pakistan and instead of harming CIA-Mossad’s land, Allah directed His wrath towards Pakistan, the target of CIA-Mossad. Do these Mullah think that Supreme Almighty too go crazy?
Sam Bacil, please one more film this time. Last time it was on “innocence”, this time make one on “stupidity”.


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2 responses to “Islamic Drama And Propaganda On Malala and Sandy Proved Islamists Can Make A Bullshit Sound Intellectual

  1. Yaar ye Hindustan aur Pakistan ke mamle me Balochon ka kya? ek baloch laundiya ne to puri web sait haijek kar li. isko hatao yahan se. yehi humarey kantri ka liye sahi hai. i strongli rekoment tu sent her away tu pakistan.

  2. yaar helicopter tum bhi bade vichitra prani lag rahe ho, itna bhi nahi jante ki dushman ka dushman dost hota hai, isko hataya jaye, waise is bandi ne aisa galat kya kaha hai, agar pakistani army darje ki bewakoof hai to isme tere mirchi kyun lagi, abe mulle ye naqli naam se kyun likhta hai agar mard ka bachha hai to asli naam se face kar, aur rahi baat tum jaise kutton ke bhaukne ki to ye to bohot achi baat hai isse ye to pata chal hi jata hai ki jin ulluon ke liye sab likha jata hai wo sab ise padte zuroor hain, jao beta dimag ka aur namardi ka ilaaj karao, aur haan Hindustan ki thekedari karne ki sochio bhi mat tum jaise keede ke bas ka rog nahi ahi ye

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