“One Month Wife” Exposed Hypocrisy Of Islamic Morals And Islamists Of India

Somiksha C Mohantacovertwires

Covert Wires

April 17, 2013; New Delhi:

If there is anyone who can put hypocrisy to shame, that is an Indian Islamist. They constantly bark that Islam is the religion of peace despite the fact that all Islamic terrorist attacks are found to be carried out by the pious Muslims. They never have problems with the terrorist attacks, or at least the level of protest they stage suggests so, but can shake the nook and corner at the picturization of the same fact. Most hilarious is their principles on the females. They call their women folk to be “jewel” and in the name of securing this asset they send their daughters in the prisons of insane morals. They put them in Burqa and bind their hands, cut their wings. I have never found such a great and sugarcoated logic to send someone to dungeon. However, there are many Islamists who really like to “play” with their high valued “jewels”.

Indian Muslim women and Sudanese Blackman at action. Akbaruddin Owaisi's area has bride market of Muslim girls

Indian Muslim women and Sudanese Blackman at action. Akbaruddin Owaisi’s area has bride market of Muslim girls

Someone would be amazed to see how a religion which portrays the woman as to be the field through which men should produce as much crops as possible, can imply such high morals to the females? The Muslim females in Islam has no more status than the sex toys be it in life or afterlife. During life they are used as much as possible to generate babies in the name of increasing the Islamic population to please the worship-hungry Arabic version of God. Afterlife, they are supposed to be the sex slave of the Islamic terrorists. The Quran promises 72 virgin prostitutes to the Muslims who indiscriminately kill the non-Muslims regardless of any enmity or crime. The men can marry 4 wives at a time and keep numerous sex slaves as possible and the women folks are just supposed to be offering unquestionable obedience to their thugs. But the Arabic writers of Islamic scriptures seem to have great knowledge in maintaining bugs in their laws, a slight innovative implementation of which can break all piousness or turn eroticity into piousness. The recent “One month wife” racket in India has exposed this great feature of Islamic piety.

A unique “One Month Wife” racket has been busted in Hyderabad this week and the Indian media to maintain its image building process for the Islamic fanatic thugs, the communal to the core perverts, have either tried to suppress the news or gave it a minimal coverage. The racket was running since time immemorial but it was busted when a 17 years old teenager Muslim girl named Nausheen fled from her “One Month Husband”, a Sudanese man and unveiled her story to the Hyderabad police and local women rights. According to revelations after the Arab the Sudanese black men have found India to be their best destination to release their lust. They find Indian women to be “good looking” and suitable to satisfy their lust as revelations come out. Nausheen Tabassum was one of those girls who are sold by their families on return of money. Mumtaz Begum, the aunt of the teenager had convinced her parents to rent their daughter to a 44 years old Sudanese oil company executive named Mohammed Usama Ibrahim on return of INR 1 Lakh. Mumtaz distributed the money to various operators operating in this great mission where a father who lectured his daughter about piety, sells her for lust of money. The parents of Nausheen got INR 70,000, the Qazi (cleric) organizing the marriage got 5000 INR, the Urdu translator who acted as an interface between the Sudanese groom and the Indian Muslim bride, took 5000 INR and her aunt herself kept 20000 INR. I am not supposed to go into the details why Nausheen didn’t enjoy her time with the Sudanese Blackman who are favorite of girls like her who have been “One Month’s Wife” of one Sudanese or another. I am not supposed to work out the reasons why she fled from him whereas the other 3 girls who were also his simultaneous “One Month’s Wife” never had a problem. I am not supposed to work out why she fled whereas the Kashmiri Muslim women had massive physical relations with these Sudanese men who came to Kashmir to participate in Jihad in the 90’s and the love-making of the Kashmiri Muslim housewives and the Sudanese Black subhuman brigade forced the Kashmiri men to stop sheltering these Sudanese jihadists and disclosing their locations to the Indian Army who introduced these Sudanese soldiers of Allah to their 72 divine Quranic prostitutes. Bottomline is, that Nausheen fled and the racket was busted. It was not a mere sex racket but was an eye opener about the social status of the Muslims of India.

The Muslims would probably bash Nausheen’s family as slutty, loose-character and immoral and what not? But let me tell you, all the people acting here are greatly pious Muslims and have a deep respect towards Islam and the best Muslims at themselves. Take the case of Qazi. The Qazi knew it very much that prostitution is sin in Islam. So prostitution can’t be allowed but Allah has kept bugs in his programming. Allah has deliberately kept scopes to allow prostitution in full fledge and that is why Dubai is the greatest hub of prostitution world over and Heera Mandi has the same status at sub continental level. The Qazis have adopted contract marriages to allow legal prostitution in the name of marital relationship and allowing to pay the price. Muslim men dump their wives one-sidedly at will and so she can be divorced at any stage he wants to discard. A readymade “Talaqnama” or divorce statement comes in handy with the marriage ceremony. So the pious Muslims, the signboard of piety has this great quality too. This is the reality of Islamic morals. These are the Muslim propagandists who blame the Hindus on female feticides just like it is absent among Muslims, just like it is being done under Hindu scriptures which portray Females as Goddess. Yes, it happens, not because Hindus worship Durga, but because today such heinous day has come where Hindus are tolerating the naked erotic pictures of Ma Durga. That is why it is happening. The Hindus, who has no value for Hinduism are doing such heinous acts. But unfortunately the pious to the core Muslim fanatics who bark about Islamic morals day and night is doin prostitution under the Islamic allowance only. What a shame! A self-respecting girl would like to embrace death than prostitution. Thank God, I am not in a Muslim family.

It is found about the Aurangzeb the ideal of the Indian Muslims for his anti-Hindu carnages. He used to sexploit his daughter Zaibunnisa by a logic that the first right on the flower belongs to the gardener. But it seems like Aurangzeb was better than the father of Nausheen. At least he wasn’t cool enough to sell his daughter. And what about the Islamic mother? We have heard about the fathers who sell their daughters on return of a bottle of wine, but they good mothers who save the daughter. But in this case the mother also seems to be so hot and modern! Well done!

The Sudanese? He was just following the Arabic prophet who had lust on a 9 years old girl Ayesha. So is she doing any anti-Islamic thing? Not at all. Islam encourages Muslims to act like prophet and thus jammed the wheel for Muslims at C570.

Finally let us come to the Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen part. It is the same Islamic party which forced the pious and obedient Muslim girls to wear Burqa else immoral outsider (read Hindu) boys will eye on them. It is the same MIM which instilled anti-Hindu sentiment among them and asked them not to fall in love with the Hindu boys. Now I really realize what the actual mission to do this was; sell their girls to the Sudanese and Arab treasurers of Allah. The same time the Kashmiri Muslim women barked “Black Dogs” against Indian Army to win the faith of their men (involving with Indian Army has made their community lives hell if caught), they started making love with the “Black (Sudanese) Pigs” (it is easy as they are jihadists and chances are there that some pious Mullah would certify it as reward to those Sudanese jihadists and thus save those women). It should be noted the Nausheen is not a single case, but there is an illegal bride bazar in the old city. It is a mass level tendency. And in Nausheen’s case it was the local administration influenced by MIM which prepared fake documents in which a 17 years old was transformed into 24 years old to legalize the one month lasting marriage. So, this is what MIM was doing under the bliss of Allah? Allowing such Islamic movements? The Muslims are happy with the MIM’s movement to stop the bells of Bhagyalakshmi Mandir and not on stopping such movements. Great!

I am really curious about the next speech of Akbaruddin Owaisi like his previous one in which he threatened Indians (yes he meant Hindus but he used the word “Hindustan”) that 25 Crore Muslims will cut 100 Crore Indians into pieces if police is absent for just 15 minutes. Will he now say that 12 Crore Muslims will entertain 350 Crore population if Indian police is absent for 15 minutes? (I just assumed 12 Crore Indian Muslim population and 350 global men.)

So the nosy Islamic fanatic now bash and question me, are there not prostitutes in Hindu religion? Surely they are, but they are not high valued like Islamists. They are not doing prostitution under the guidance or allowance of Geeta. They are the one who are secular to the core and secularism in India is also inclined towards Islam. Under the love-jihad a large number of Hindu girls have been first married to Muslim boys and then made Muslims and then they are dumped and forced to fall in the mud of prostitution. It is strange that at one side the Muslim boys use treachery to this Hindu girls and trap them and on the other hand these are the girls on whose back they call them slut. What a reality! Now I have a message to the Hindu girls who are in such traps. The shameless people who can force the daughter to step into prostitution, what would they do to the daughter-in-laws? No more hints. Indications are enough if you have a little brain.

5 responses to ““One Month Wife” Exposed Hypocrisy Of Islamic Morals And Islamists Of India

  1. Seriously you need to work on your English, its pathetic and so is your knowledge about history. it is very saddening to know how much you bluff, you talk soooooo much and very little is understandable. it is a pity that you use the name of a city but write with one particular angle of anti Islam, it is not a religion which is wrong, but it is we the humans who are wrong, it is very saddening to know that you fail to understand this fact.

  2. very correct shown the real side of these fucking islamic leaders who seel their women to their superior terrorists to produce a terrorist or human bomb

  3. Oh Murtad, Do not worry about Hyderabad, Already those problems has been solved here. We do not have issues related to this. Why are you barking like a DOG.

  4. No Islamic Institution or Organisation are asking the Muslim Boys to Flirt with Hindu Girls. This is accusation made by Hindu Fanatics, In reality more then 5000 muslim girls has been trapped by Hindu Fanatics and they converted those girls in the Name of Love. This the reality, There is no “Love Jihad”.

    I suggest any muslim brother and sister reading this comments, beware of hindu girls/boys. Do not make friendship with them nor trust them.

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