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Asansol News’ only mission is to reach out the truth to public. Asansol News doesn’t have any possessiveness towards the news or articles covered by it. It will be glad to have its content material reproduced in any form, electronic or print media with a motto to promote our cause.

People or Groups or Organizations involved in promoting nationalistic causes are invited to use our posts whenever they need. Lets us be comrade-in-pen to promote our mutual cause.

However we are no Gandhian and will not become one when any malicious propagandist distorts our posts to discredit us. 

To enable us to keep track of our articles produced outside please drop a line informing us about such reproductions at our email id:                                                             


Also people mention at the end of your reproduced articles the actual source, so that there will be no question of any kind of distortion that can raise confusion.

Thanks a lot to all our comrade-in-pens. 

Team” Asansol News”.


Reproduced so far:

Here is the list of URL’s sharing and promoting our contents via directly reproducing or referring or reblogging. You can also share and promote the mission.

Hindu Human Rights Commission:

Sinai Post:

India Behind The Lens website:

Haindava Keralam website:

One India website:

Hindu Jana Jagruti Samiti official website:

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (Sindhi Freedom Fighters) official web-blog:

Forum For Hindu Awakening website:

Hindu Existence website:

Hindu Existence WordPress Blog:

 Bengal Spotlight News Blog:

Hindu Awaken wordpress blog:

Vivek Jyoti blog:

Darshan Bharati wordpress blog:

Hindurashtra wordpress blog:


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